Friday, 3 July 2020

Design Task - Blue Whale

Friday: Writing Task

Did you know that whales are the biggest bout their was little whale and he had friends  so he was always sad but when day their was a new family whale and he was hoping that their would all nice to him so he went to go and give them some food and when he when over and give them some food to eat and there said thankyou and and was so happy that someone was really nice him and he was nice to them so he went back and had something to eat and went to bed and and the next day he was happy for his first and and was going to play with his new friend and he was happy that he had a friend for the rest of his life.

Blue Whale Research

How deep do they live?

Blue Whale Facts

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Wednesday: Writing Task

Once upon a time there was a octopus and she would like to go and hunt at night because she would always like to hunt crab at night and when it would always daylight she would go and visit her other friends because her friend was sick so she would always get some food for but when ever she would get some it would take really long to get something for her friend and when she would go back to her friend house and give her some food to her and then go back home and sleep. 

Giant Pacific Octopus Facts